Hear From Our Clients


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you accomplished in a very short amount of time and for all the help and assistance you provided us."

Julio V.
North Suffolk Community Services

"Just a quick note to thank you for all of your and your team’s efforts as we put together the site for Lux Global Label. You and your team were phenomenal to work with. Should any of our clients be in need of site design work we will surely send them your way based on this extremely positive experience. "

Nicholas P.
The Hubbell Group, Inc.

"I have received numerous compliments on the website, Jim! Some from those I know are very discriminating customers! Well done and thank you!"

Mike P.
Palladino Law LLC

"Special thanks to you and your team for the fantastic final product you created for my website. I know you worked incredibly hard on it, and that there were some times that probably "tried the souls of men" but the end result speaks for itself and I am thrilled with your work. With deep and heartfelt gratitude!"

Sue Hodgkinson
The Personal Brand Company

"I am so excited! Thank you for all your hard work AND PATIENCE!!!!!! I do believe you should be quite proud of this site. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!"

Talk of the Town Catering & Events

"I wanted to shoot ya'll a brief thank you for your hard work - the site looks fabulous!"

Anne H.
Beacon House Adoption

"Thank you and Alen for your hard work. I will now be using you and your team for all of my website (and whatever work I need done) needs. It was ever difficult for me to change and use someone different. I am happy I found your company."

Mark M.
Connecticut Investigative Services

"I cannot sing Mike's praises enough. He is such a gem to work with, in every respect. He also is the developer who could successfully accomplished this for me. He admitted that it was not his area of expertise, but he found a solution anyway (and now has a new expertise :)."

Laura B.

"Rave reviews and you guys were awesome to work with - Thanks!"

Shane C.

"If you guys ever have a prospect who wants to speak to a (very!) happy client, feel free to have them call me."

Patrice R.

"The website has been a very beneficial marketing tool for us. Business has been extremely busy. Thanks again for all your help!"

Bob C.

"I talked with some big-wigs from a very well known arboretum, and he said that our website was one of the finest he has seen in horticulture. That is high praise from someone who would know. It's money well spent. You and Mike have been great to work with and the site looks great."

Ed K.

"You guys made this very easy. You can consider me a very happy customer."

Stephen C.

"I just want to say that in the nearly 17 years I have been working with developers, I have never encountered anyone as cooperative and pleasant as you, not to mention that, (a) you are open to hearing my recommendations and opinions without judgment, and (b) you are so knowledgeable and skilled. It takes a village to launch a new website, and I have led developers in seven countries. Many are knowledgeable and skilled, but they often are resistant to new ideas and/or change, so the personalities become a challenge to work with.

You are one in a million, and I appreciate you....a lot!"

Laura B.
SEO Consultants LLC

"Unbelievable response time and communication. You've built a solid company with very personable and intelligent key players. I'll definitely be referring you in the future."

Danielle B.

"Right on the money. Thank you for the quick work."

Chris C.

"You have been an absolute pleasure to work - so responsive and so patient with all of my requests."

Christina B.

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful job that you and your team did for our new web site. We are very pleased."

Angela M.

"The design is perfect and just what we needed. I was struggling so much with the technology and your team took our direction and made it into a great brand."

Jenn A.

"It turned out just like I wanted it to. It's money well spent!"

Ed K.

"You are so detail- and solutions-oriented. I love you already."


"Courteous, timely, and intelligent services. Thank you."

Dave Blanton

"Sonora Design is a godsend for anyone wanting to upgrade their website from yesterday's standard to tomorrow's imagination. They helped me redesign and refocus my site in a process that was both swift and natural. If you want to be involved, they are there to guide and add insight. If you prefer to have them handle it all — soup to nuts — they are fully prepared to carry the weight. They are good people with good hearts – incredibly responsive and genuinely creative. This is the second website SonoraDesign has created for me, and – when the time comes – they will do my third."

Jay Schadler

"This looks great! I'll be passing it along for others to see today. If I have any changes, they'll come on Monday. Again, thanks for turning this around so quickly."




"I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out this weekend. Briana is doing a great job! We are almost done – just some minor changes, but her work is beautiful!"


"What a remarkable difference between our old website, and the new one. Our website is the face of Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties to the outside world, and we can all be proud of how we are now presenting ourselves."

Douglas Bopst, General Sales Manager

"Everyone loves our new site! Thank you for all your hard work making this happen in such a great time frame. This is why we stick with you guys!"

Anne Hughes

"This looks fabulous! Didn't know it could be so easy when left in the hands of skilled designers!"


"Logo design and web site design and programming of new web corporate site. "Thanks to everyone at Sonora for the awesome job. You guys have the capabilities of a much larger shop." Amanda "Love it!! You are amazing! Thank you!!"

Marcus Lincoln,
Principal Security Advisors

"The newsletter looks great! This is the first month in a very long time that I have not been totally stressed about it."

Dianna Huff,
DH Communications, Inc.

"After filling out your on line form I was contacted within the hour and hey, what do you know, I received professional, courteous treatment! Your level of knowledge, experience and expertise were just what I was looking for. You delivered excellent work and I couldn't believe the turn around. It's not true that all the good ones are taken; Sonora DesignWorks is a keeper! I wish I'd found you before wasting so much time and money on your competition."

Sonora programmed Amy's website.

"Thank you for taking the time to turn that around so quickly, it looks great!!"


"Your company has been intrinsically involved in the success of mine. Our website is the number one site visited in Bisbee, and third or fourth in southern Arizona. I'm proud of my website and the work I do, and I couldn't have done so well without you and your staff. Thank you."


"I was at an event this weekend and someone had seen the web site and they told me they thought it was really well done. I am very pleased and it was a pleasure to work with you." Gary "I love the layout! It looks great Jim!"


"We gave a presentation of our business to our executive team, and the new logos/branding were received with such a positive response. Your logos are a smash hit with everyone at Martin Marietta, including the CEO!"

Doug B.
Martin Marietta

"The new site is a huge improvement from the previous one the feedback from customers and distributors has been fantastic."

Michael D.
Google Rating