Top 10 Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

A WordPress Website is a great choice for content management software (CMS) in today’s competitive business environment.  Sonora DesignWorks in Newburyport works with companies to design websites and utilizes the WordPress platform to create the optimal website solutions for their clients.  In fact,, the website you are currently visiting, uses WordPress and was designed by Sonora DesignWorks.  Keep reading to learn more about why a WordPress website is a great choice for your business.

  1. You can manage your own website

With a WordPress Website there is no need to depend on a web designer to manage content on your site. You have the ability to control, edit, and create content on your website.

  1. No specialized training or software needed

A WordPress website allows you to control and manage the content in your website without technical training, programming, or HTML experience.  And you do not need any specialized HTML editing software to manage the website.

  1. Manage your website from anywhere in the world

WordPress allows you to edit your website from any web browser.  In short, if you have an Internet connection, you can access and edit your website from anywhere on the planet!

  1. Keep website content up to date

You can keep your content current by using a WordPress platform.  This CMS gives you the ability to update and publish your own website in minutes allowing you to get your content on-line without delay.

  1. Mobile Friendly

It is important to have a website that is mobile ready because many people primarily use their mobile devices to search the web.  A custom responsive WordPress theme is enabled to display content to someone whether they are viewing the website from a computer or mobile device. Google also gives preference to mobile ready sites in search results.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

WordPress makes it easy for search engines to index and read content.  Tip: Your pages will be more likely to rank highly in search results if you include content that follows the basics of search engine optimization writing. This brings you traffic and business.

  1. Editing Power

 A CMS website, such as WordPress, saves you money by allowing you to edit your website whenever you want! No need to rely on someone else for basic changes or edits. You can easily add photos and images, post new content, and edit content on your website.

  1. Your website belongs to you

 A WordPress website provides a universal CMS platform. This means that you are not tied to a website developer for support when you need help with your website or decide to make design alterations.

  1. Plugins expand the reach of your website

 Plugins in WordPress make it possible to add elements such as video content, an event calendar, or a Twitter feed to your website.  This engages your audience and attracts more visits to the site.

  1. Expand your website content

As your business expands you may want to add more content to your website.  WordPress allows you to incorporate an unlimited number of new posts and pages as you grow.

A WordPress website you can control and manage yourself is a terrific solution for a business. However, you still need a trusted and experienced company to design and develop your website. Contact Sonora DesignWorks in Newburyport to learn more about our award winning design. Check out our impressive web design portfolio too!

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